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Joint aches and pains? Arthritis? Unsure what to do? Exercise! Experts & research suggest.

A topic which physiotherapists (mostly) feel strongly about, and something which can sometimes be tricky to encourage people to do. When dealing with joint pain, I often find that people will look to avoid movement and exercise where possible, give the area some rest, when this is unlikely to improve the way it feels once you do get moving.

Exercise can come in many different forms, and it is important to begin with movements which are comfortable enough to do, and gradually progress as your tolerance builds. Our joints are made for moving, and learning new ways to exercise, or adapting current methods can reduce the joint pain, and make your movement (and life) a lot easier!

Click the image above to read what Ewa M Roos (Professor of muscle and joint health) has to say on the topic, with strong evidence to support her claims!

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