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N E C K  P A I N

Neck pain is a common complaint - especially in todays world where we spend too much time staring into screens. Neck pain can often stem from poor posture, with muscles and ligaments becoming stretched and weakened with the way we sit. Symptoms can also stem from arthritic changes or trauma e.g. whiplash. If your pain has persisted for more than a few weeks then it's best to get some help and that's exactly what Physio At The Door can offer.

Most people believe that their symptoms will go away on their own or have grown to accept their pain as a part of life. There's plenty you can do for neck pain, you just need the right advice and treatment. 


Unfortunately good advice can be hard to come by these days! There's plenty of information available online - that can make things confusing or you may have been told to take painkillers, rest and give it time. This is rarely enough and as time goes on this approach can lead to the worsening of symptoms. When left untreated neck pain can start to cause headaches, difficulty with everyday tasks such as driving and using the computer and begin to disturb your sleep.

If this sounds like you then today sounds like a good day to take action and do the right things to improve your symptoms. I'd suggest first of all downloading the booklet on this page. I've created this booklet using all the experience I've gained treating neck pain and I'll teach you the 5 best ways to live with less neck pain and headaches without painkillers or seeing the GP. This is completely free - my aim is to help you make the right decisions to improve your pain and I'd love to be able to do that at the earliest opportunity. 

If you're ready to receive some advice specific for your problem, please feel free to schedule a call today - you can talk to our physiotherapist about your problems to learn the right steps to take. The phone call is complimentary and there's no obligation to book any appointments once our conversation is over. Our goal is to help you make the right decision about what to do next for your neck pain.

Don't fancy a chat? Send an e-mail with a few details and we'll reply within 24 hours. Click the link below to fill in the short form that will provide me with some helpful information.

Like I mentioned earlier neck pain can sometimes be associated with headaches, and you may also experience referred pain or pins and needles in some cases but I'd like to reassure you that the majority of neck pain is never due to a serious cause and when managed well symptoms can start to improve within a few weeks. It's time to start doing the right things for your neck pain and that can start today with Physio At The Door. 


Physio At The Door was designed to make things easier for you, by giving you the right advice and treatment EARLY. You can improve your neck pain without long term medication, and you won’t have to travel back and forth for appointments!​

Here's a few easy steps to follow to help you achieve your goal of getting rid of your neck pain:

  • Make a decision to get some help. Procrastination never helps anything.

  • Get some proper advice. You may need to make some lifestyle changes to improve your pain.

  • Sort your posture out. If you spend long hours sitting, aim to move more and sit in a better position.

  • Do the right exercises and get some hands-on physiotherapy. Proven to work.

Physiotherapy has been proven to help with neck pain of both acute and chronic nature. So no matter how long you've been suffering with your symptoms, get in touch today and find out how we can help you.

Physio At The Door can help to:

  • Identify the causes of your neck pain and tell you exactly why you've been suffering.

  • Show you how to correct your posture to prevent on-going problems.

  • Teach you the right exercises to get your neck moving better and feeling stronger.

  • Provide hands-on treatment or acupuncture to relieve pain.

  • Return you to an active and fulfilled life that you deserve! 

If you would like to find out first hand how Physio At The Door can help you then I invite you to sign up for a free Discovery Visit. This is something I offer to people who are a bit nervous, sceptical and unsure about physiotherapy and what it can do for them. It's a risk free appointment where I'll come and perform an assessment and identify why you have neck pain and suggest what you should do to improve things. 

Physio At The Door is designed to make your life easy. You can start that journey today by downloading the booklet, arranging a call or signing up for a discovery visit. An easier life is one where you have much less neck pain. If you want to stop relying on painkillers, get a good night's sleep, stay out of the doctors office and return to an active lifestyle - contact today!

If you'd like to enquire about cost and availability this week, hit the button below.

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