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Online consultations were initially started during the corona virus outbreak to ensure that people were still receiving the appropriate advice to understand and manage their aches and pains as well as to keep them on track with their rehabilitation. 


After finding it successful we’re keen to continue seeing people virtually for all those who prefer receiving their care in this way. 


Physio At The Door can use video consultations to provide comprehensive assessments, diagnosis and treatment plans to new and existing customers. Video consultations allow you to interact with your physiotherapist via live video and allows us to ask all the necessary questions, assess how you move and discover what causes any pain before formulating a treatment plan. We will also be talking (and demonstrating where necessary) you through a personalised plan that will include exercise to improve how your body is moving. You can still receive all the advice and exercise you need to help you manage and improve your symptoms. 


These video appointments have been proven to be an effective way of improving your symptoms. They are designed for new and existing customers dealing with any musculoskeletal complaint or sports injury who may struggle to access traditional face to face physiotherapy services or simply prefer receiving their care via video. We offer consultations on a variety of online platforms including Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp and FaceTime - although using a camera from a laptop or computer is preferred. 


This may be contrary to your beliefs but a physiotherapist can often figure out a diagnosis from listening to the history of the problem and performing some movement tests. Hands-on does provide some extra information but it often isn't required to understand your symptoms and design a treatment plan. Once we've understood your problem better, follow up sessions have often consisted of running through a variety of exercises to improve your movement, strength and overall function.


Appointments typically last 45 minutes and come at a cost of £40 for an initial consultation, £30 per follow up. A payment link will be sent during the online meeting, with payment made during the session. Follow the link below to fill out your details if you would like to enquire further and set up a future appointment today. 

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