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Physiotherapy - what to expect

After experiencing an injury, or developing pain over time which seems to have arisen with no clear cause, it is normal to have questions - especially if the pain doesn't improve in a timeframe you might have expected.

- Why me? - Sometimes pain can make you feel quite unlucky, if it restricts you from going to work, socialising, cleaning the house and doing your hobbies; you may start to question what exactly is wrong, how long will it take to recover, and who can I go to for help.

After an assessment - listening to how the pain developed and testing how the affected area moves and feels, physiotherapists have the skill to diagnose what structure is causing the symptoms, and what the contributing factors may be (biomechanics and lifestyle). At Physio At The Door we want to provide you with as much knowledge as possible so you can make the right decisions to aid your recovery and improve your general health where possible.

Due to experience working with a range of conditions, we will then be able to tell you how long symptoms should take to improve, which will be an honest evaluation!

When it comes to making things better, which is the end goal - physios can be very good when it comes to who to turn to. Approaching things with a holistic approach by looking at the person as a whole means that all contributing factors are considered, and sometimes making simple changes to daily activities can allow for a quicker recovery.

Treatment can then consist of many things. Advice on how to reduce symptoms goes a long way, and if you are equipped with some tools so that you can self-manage symptoms better, you can start making some improvement daily. Manual therapy or "hands on" treatment may be recommended to improve the way your body moves and feels, and specific exercise is often prescribed - this is often key as again you can this daily, and research has found exercise to have a longer lasting effect compared to other modalities.

We hope that following your experience with us, you feel empowered and confident going forward.

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