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Aches & pains at work

Some people will admit that they dread going to work on at least a few days during the week - which might be for a variety of reasons including tiredness, not being in the mood, hours are too long, co-workers get on your nerves…the list goes on - so one thing you can do without is being in pain.

Some jobs/roles may actually contribute to your pain, for example sitting down all day with a bad back, staring into a computer screen with a stiff neck or being on your feet for too long with a bad knee or hip.

Although work itself can be stressful, it can be more stress if you need to take time off due to your symptoms or start to worry that you’ll have work through the pain when rest and painkillers haven't made much difference.

Whatever the problems are - you often need to know how you can change or adapt your working day to reduce the strain on your body and then build up your strength and mobility to be able to cope with the demands of your job.

This is exactly what Physio At The Door is about - easing your pain in the easiest way possible (by bringing the help to your doorstep) to get you through the week more comfortably.

Once you’ve had advice on what you can change at work to reduce pain, treatment includes hands-on work, acupuncture and exercise - that aims to get you to work with a spring in your step.

Contact us today to find out how Physio At The Door can help you!

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