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Weight loss & joint pain

You know that nice feeling you get when you finally put down a heavy rucksack or suitcase? Losing just a bit of weight often does the same thing for your back pain and for your joints!

I’ll be honest with you, I sometimes find it a bit tricky bringing up someones weight when I’m seeing them for their aches and pains.

I might have only known them for 30 minutes - but once we’ve had a bit of a chat I often feel more comfortable and realise it’s my job to offer them all the advice that will improve their symptoms.

People usually know that losing a bit of weight will help improve their pain but maybe feel they don’t have the time, motivation or know-how to start making a couple of changes…and that’s where I might step in.

Physio At The Door will first of all find out what’s causing your pain before explaining all the things you can do to improve your symptoms, which might include weight loss and exercise. We can then discuss a plan on how it will be easiest for you to achieve your goals with you in the driving seat, and me telling you where to go!

Combine the right exercises, a few lifestyle changes and treatment techniques such as acupuncture and hands-on work and you could be feeling like a different person within a few months!

Feel free to contact Physio At The Door to find out more about how we can help improve your symptoms for now and for the future.

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