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Hamstring Rehab

I’ve had some recent trouble with my hamstrings playing football, and I won’t be alone as hamstring strains are one of the most common muscle injuries in football. Typical injury tends to last between 2-4 weeks. ⌛️

Check the video for some exercises that can treat and prevent recurrent injuries. Strengthening is vital for return to sport. Developing muscles that help to protect the hamstrings (adductors, obliques and glutes) is also worthwhile. Using

sliders, foam rollers and gym balls keeps things interesting, and challenging! 😅

Working the muscle eccentrically (lengthening under tension) helps to lengthen muscle

fascicles and increase sarcomeres. Longer fascicles = reduce injury risk. 💪🏽

Early progressive eccentric loading has proved to be successful in research. Eccentric exercise can be sore due to the demand on the muscle, work within your limits and consider this to be the muscle adapting!

Progress exercise by including weightbearing exercise, and consider power and speed drills you might require for your sport.

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