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Bad back? Good exercise!

Back pain is common, we all at least know somebody with it, if we don’t already have it ourselves. 😤

This means that I come in contact with people complaining of back pain at least everyday. One common misconception is that because the back hurts, you should stay off work, not move, take painkillers, see the GP, ask for an investigation because maybe it’s serious.

This couldn’t be further from the truth‼️

1% of backpain is because of a serious cause. When you really think about it, that is a tiny percentage, as like I said before, loaaaaaaaaads of people have back pain.

As a physiotherapist I can tell you that keeping yourself moving (as best as you can – making sensible adjustments where necessary!), not worrying that its anything serious, and actually doing some gentle exercise is the best thing for it!

Over the coming however-many weeks I’ll be trying to release some stretches/exercises that I find tend to help people best. Why don’t you try some, or share the idea & post with somebody you know with back pain.

I always like to listen to some music whilst I exercise, it makes it less of a chore, and often leads me to doing some funky moves like im in a music video, I suggest you do the same!

Move as far as you’re happy to move, just get moving!

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