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Neck pain and headaches

Here’s a nice home treatment for the those with neck pain & headaches to try.

Headaches can stem from your neck, and tightness in your sub-occipital muscles (base of skull/top of neck) often plays a part. This can develop with poor posture or following trauma.

The above video shows how to gently work into these muscles, and also demonstrates some strengthening of your deeper neck muscles, which are usually weak with neck pain sufferers.

1️⃣ Buy a peanut ball (google) 2️⃣ Lay down on it 3️⃣ Spend around 10 mins a day working through the exercise.

Manual therapy and exercise combined is beneficial for both neck pain and headaches. It’s ok if it feels a little sore, do what you can tolerate and it should gradually become easier.

Further benefit can come from physiotherapy which can help to identify the potential causes of the problem, and how to resolve symptoms for good!

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